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For 129 years, Alberts has been helping to shape Australia’s musical, cultural, entertainment and media landscape. Today, Alberts remains a dynamic company committed to protecting and developing the rights of its music creators and catalogues.

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Talent Development Project, ‘The Little Death’ and Josh Pyke

Talent Development Project, ‘The Little Death’ and Josh Pyke

10 June 2014

The studios recently played host to the Talent Development Project, offering TDP students real world studio insights and experience. Award winning composer, Michael Yezerski has been working on the soundtrack for Aussie film ‘The Little Death’ and Josh Pyke put some final touches on his collector’s edition package.

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Alberts History

Since 1885 Alberts has played a role in shaping Australia's media and popular culture, from early days of sheet music to the music rights company it is today. 

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Catalogue Focus

Global Publishing

Global Publishing provides a boutique service to a carefully selected roster of songwriters and artists.  They pride themselves on finding and developing songwriters at an early stage of their careers...

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GOOD TIMES: Celebrating 50 years of Albert Productions

2014 marks the 50th year of Albert Productions. Launched in 1964, Albert Productions is the recording arm of our 129-year-old music company and has been a vital force in Australian music for 50 years. To find out more about one of Australia’s most iconic and respected record labels, visit our GOOD TIMES site here.

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