• Urthboy - The Big Sleep feat Alex Burnett


Urthboy The Big Sleep video

Posted on 5 Feb 2013

Urthboy has released his new video for the haunting yet beautiful song The Big Sleep feat. Alex Burnett

Featuring Alex Burnett's (Sparkadia) haunting vocals, The Big Sleep is the tragic tale of Natalie Wood, an elderly woman, whose bones were found in 2011 in her Surry Hills home in 2011, eight years after she died.

“The primary objective was not to hector society for creating a story like that where a lady can die and be left in her house for eight years before anyone discovers her. The challenge was finding the beauty in it.” Tim Levinson told thevine.com.au “The conversations I had with Alex Burnett about that song revolved around the idea that every day, the only visitor that came to that lady was the little bit of sunlight; where the sun rose in the morning and everyone went about their business oblivious to what was going on, it was the only visitor. The only visitor to this very dark scenario was light.”

The stunning pictures were put together by Blue Mountains electronic group and self-taught animators Fishing to build a quirky and hypnotic layer to the rich song.

Urthboy kicks off his National Smokey’s Haunt tour at the end of the month. For details visit Urthboy's website

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