Tim Levinson joins the Sydney Swans

Posted on 2 Apr 2013

AFL team, the Sydney Swans are 'Ready To Go' with Tim Levison's song chosen as the soundtrack to their brand new television commercial which hits screens this weekend. 

Alberts writer and Sydney based MC Urthboy believes his track 'Ready to Go' is an accurate reflection of the type of football the Sydney Swans play. 


“The track has a lot of energy, the track has a lot of spirit, and the track has a lot of urgency, just like the Swans,” said Tim who is also a Sydney Swans Ambassador. 

“I think any time where you are the reigning premiers, there is a potential to take your eyes off the prize and to rest on your laurels, but I think everyone listening to this song knows that it is not going to be the case and that the hunger is greater now than ever.”

Tim became a Sydney Swans Ambassador at the beginning of the 2012 AFL season, following lifelong support for the club. Hailing from the Blue Mountains, Levinson moved to Sydney and has had success as a founding member of Aussie hip-hop group ‘The Herd’, his solo projects and co-founder of Elefant Traks (Hermitude, Horror Show)

Tim has always admired the Swans’ style of play and the way the players represented the club both on and off the field.

“There’s a real mongrel and ‘never say die’ attitude to the Swans and in a lot of ways it goes against what a lot of the rest of Australia thinks about Sydney.

“The perceptions of Sydney is that it is shiny and glossy and has big buildings and the beach and is glamorous, but the Swans are a team that includes the aspects of that, but there is also just this really diehard mentality with the team and they play tough and admirable football.

“I feel like I’m very proud that our team has that approach to playing the game.”

  • Urthboy 'Ready to Go' used in the Sydney Swans 2013 Campaign

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