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The Essential Ted Mulry & Ted Mulry Gang

Posted on 15 Apr 2013

Featuring songs from the Albert Productions Era (1970 - 1990)

Released Friday April 19 through ALBERTS/SME

Alberts is delighted to announce that its first ever release via Sony Music's The Essentials series will be ‘The Essential Ted Mulry & Ted Mulry Gang’ album, a 14 song tracklisting of hits from both the solo career of Ted Mulry and from his band the Ted Mulry Gang (TMG). ‘The Essential Ted Mulry & Ted Mulry Gang’ will be released this Friday April 19, and is a fitting tribute to Ted Mulry’s fans whose loyalty has continued since Ted’s passing in 2001.

“It was that capacity to connect which gave the Ted Mulry Gang a string of memorable 70s chart hits. Elastic, effervescent, slightly tongue-in-cheek outings them all, graced by Mulry's gregarious, gravel vocals and his loping bass playing,” said music historian Glenn A Baker.

Born in the UK, Ted Mulry was a singer, songwriter, bass player and guitarist who achieved his success in Australia first as a solo performer and then as leader of his own band Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) with guitarist Les Hall, drummer Herman Kovac and Gary Dixon (from the second album). During the TMG years, they released 8 albums. Out of these eight albums (which all went gold) four became platinum and 15 singles were released of which 6 charted Top 10 and 4 charted Top 5.

‘The Essential Ted Mulry & Ted Mulry Gang’ will be released on CD and will make its digital debut on April 19 in Aus/NZ.The one disc release will include hit songs from Ted Mulry’s solo career and his band Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) through the Albert Productions era (1970 – 1990). With the ‘Greatest Hits’ from this period being out of production for over a decade, this collection of songs will make fans of Ted Mulry and his band, fall in love all over again with these iconic songs. From Ted’s solo releases Julia, Ain’t It Nice  and Falling In Love Again,  a song which rose to #3 on the Singles Chart in 1971, through to the iconic #1 hit Jump In My Car  and Darktown Strutters Ball  from Ted Mulry Gang band.

1. Ain’t It Nice
2. Julia
3. Memories
4. You’re All Woman
5. Louisa
6. Marcia
7. Falling In Love Again
8. Jump In My Car
9. Crazy
10. Jamaica Rum
11. Steppin Out
12. Here We Are
13. Darktown Strutters Ball
14. Goodbye

The Essential Ted Mulry & Ted Mulry Gang available in CD and Digital Release

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