• Shadowland: Original Score by David Poe (Pacific Electric/Alberts)


Shadowland: Music by David Poe

Posted on 29 Apr 2014

Set to a rhythmic original score by musician, producer and film composer David Poe (Pacific Electric/Alberts) the internationally acclaimed "Shadowland" comes to Australia.

A fusion of shadow theatre and dance, Shadowland is a ground-breaking performance by acclaimed dance troupe Pilobolus. The US production uses dynamic screens to produce a performance that blends projected images and front-of screen choreography. Dreamlike sequences sit alongside awe-inspiring acrobatics to create indelible images that are unexpected and revelatory.

The original score ranging from ballads to pulsating rock by US composer David Poe, is set to an enchanting, whimsical and humorous tale of a teenage girl who yearns for independence. From her dreams she wakes to something behind her bedroom wall - her shadow. As the wall of her room begins to move the girl goes deeper and deeper into Shadowland where strange creatures, both seductive and playful, appear.

Shadowland has been featured on the 79th Annual Academy Awards, The Oprah Winfrey Show and Late Night with Conan O'Brien and performed in more than 64 countries around the world.

Shadowland begins in Australia in Melbourne at the end of May touring Nationally. 



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