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Seabellies drop new music before the Apocalypse

Posted on 4 Dec 2012

Paper Tiger taken from brand new album Fever Belle

Paper Tiger, the first track to be released from Seabellies forthcoming album Fever Belle, will be available for fans before the end of the year, or as some believe the end of the world.

Their much awaited sophomore album, gestated in Melbourne with early writing sessions continued through to Berlin where the writing sessions ended. Fever Belle, recorded in two very different cities, Sydney and Berlin, is a sprawling and diverse work influenced by all of the surroundings the band habitated. 

Paper Tiger, was the first track written during the band's Berlin session. It shows a departure from the sunnier melodic pop the band displayed on their debut album By Limbo Lake. Like a lot of the material on Fever Belle, Paper Tiger explores the quest to make electronic and traditional pop elements work together to create an energetic yet nostalgic soundscape with melodic vocals.

Fever Belle was produced by Simon Berkleman (aka Berkfinger) of Philadelphia Jury fame now based in Germany and Tim Whitten, a revered Australian producer who has worked closely with some of Australia’s trailblazing bands. The two producers approached the songs from very different angles leading to an exciting synergy in the studio, with some gorgeous classic sounds combined with innovative recording methods.

The Paper Tiger EP also includes 2 remixes by Clulowforester, two-piece from Sydney, and Blitzberg.

With all Seabellies members back in Australia, the band will be performing 2 special shows before the end of the year.

  • Thursday Dec 13th Annandale Hotel Sydney w. Winter People & Callithump
  • Saturday Dec 22nd Cambridge Hotel Newcastle w. 1929 Indian & I Am The Agent

Paper Tiger EP available digitally Dec 14 2012
Fever Belle will be released 2013 (if we make it!!!)

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