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It’s All About The Song ...“Evie”

Posted on 1 Feb 2013

Stevie Wright "Evie (Parts I, II & III)" (H.Vanda, G.Young) 

By 1973 Harry Vanda and George Young had returned from the UK renewing their partnership with Alberts and were firmly ensconced as song writers and producers. Their ex Easybeats singer Stevie Wright was one of the first acts they signed and work began on a the Hard Road album which included the groundbreaking epic "Evie (Parts I, II and III)" considered by many critics as a genuine rock epic.

The track, written by Harry and George, lyrically captured three basic themes... 

Evie (Let Your Hair Hang Down) captures the initial courting phase of a relationship
Evie: describing a wonderful life together
Evie (I’m Losing You): the emotional loss during childbirth

Released in April 1974 it had a running length over 11 minutes.  The single version was divided across the A and B sides and went on it peaked nationally during July. During this time there was a special show at Sydney Opera House where over 10,000 people were turned away.  For this performance Stevie’s band included Harry Vanda, George Young and Malcolm Young. This was the first time that Stevie, George and Harry had appeared together post Easybeats. 

On 4th November 1979 Stevie returned to perform on the steps of the Opera House.  This time performing in front of 100,000 people he gave a truly memorable performance.

In 2005 Evie returned to the charts being performed by The Wrights. The vocals being handled by Nic Cester (Jet), Bernard Fanning (Powderfinger) and Phil Jamieson (Grinspoon)

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