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Honda licenses ‘Space Invaders’ in their latest campaign

Posted on 23 May 2014

The latest Honda City commercial features Player One's 1979 release 'SPACE INVADERS' (Brown/Dunlop) published by Alberts. 

'SPACE INVADERS' was written and produced by Alberts 70s/80s in-house production team BAD (Russell Dunlop and Bruce Brown) under the moniker PLAYER ONE.

The song is based on the hugely successful 70's video game Space Invaders when the creative A&R team at Warner Music in 1979, with an internal office Space Invaders game used for creative "inspiration", thought of a crazy idea to market a song about this global obsession. 

The music marketer’s, brought the idea to the production team of Bruce Brown and Russell Dunlop. (BAD) and the rest as they say is history. 

Bruce Brown was Alberts studio producer & engineer who began with the company in 1974 when Ted Albert hired him to manage and build the King Street studios. He had met Ted Albert (then CEO Alberts & Albert Productions, Alberts Producer) in the 70’s when Bruce recorded Ted Mulry at Col Joye’s ATA Studios in Glebe. Bruce helped build Albert Studios and to this day is a whiz kid with multi-track recorders and anything electronic. Bruce remained with Alberts for 30 years engineering and mixing artists like Mulry, Flash and the Pan, Rose Tattoo and Strictly Ballroom.  A highly respected engineer in the industry his renowned calmness and technical wizardry made him a genius when working with artists from all genres.

Bruce Brown, no residing in Mexico,  continues to engineer and produce.

SPACE INVADERS peaked at #3 in the singles chart in 1980, which led to a concept album created by the production team titled Game Over. The SPACE INVADERS original video clip was created by Stephen Priest and Philip Mortlock (Head of Repertoire, Alberts) who at the time was Creative Services Manager of Warner Music and one of the creative minds behind this song.  



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