Do you have the Basics Ingredients?

Posted on 5 Dec 2012

Kris Schroeder does... so does Tim Heath, and I think even Wally de Backer has his tucked away... now everyone can experience The Basics INGREDIENTS if they haven't done so before. 

INGREDIENTS is a sum of the many parts that make up the original sound of The Basics. A mix of the broad and bold sounds this band have created.

Songs from each of the albums plus songs that fell in between. There is a taste of the band “live” – but if you've been lucky enough to see them live then you’d know just how special this band is. The last album the band released was in fact a live album. Take the essence of The Basics with the mix that is the INGREDIENTS or go get the whole lot. Either way it’s a ride.


Ten years ago (or thereabouts) the three Basics formed and set about writing, arranging and recording their first set of original songs. Influences were clearly evident as they developed their sound. Bassist Kris Schroeder & drummer Wally de Backer formed a songwriting partnership that became the backbone to all of The Basics repertoire.

The first collaborative works – recorded with their then guitarist Michael Hubbard eventuated in the debut album GET BACK. With a tip of the hat to the great Brit pop style and sound of recording – this album and the energetic live performances The Basics presented  something truly unique in the Australian music landscape. Uncompromising, determined and true. The Basics established the foundation of who and what they intended to be.
The second album took some time to eventuate. A line up change with the departure of Hubbard and the introduction of guitarist Tim Heath helped crank up the energy and diversity of the bands sound. The live shows became more lively and the new material that formed the second album showed The Basics determined adventurous spirit.

STAND OUT / FIT IN lead with its chin. The title of the album a statement identifying the bands recognition that they might not ‘fit in’ but were determined to stand out regardless. The sense of fun they conveyed in their shows was well represented in the selection of songs, original and covered, that made up the album.
The word got out. Songs from the album got picked up by savy music supervisors around the world. The Basics songs started popping up in episodes of popular TV series including Scrubs, TV commercials and feature films. But what eluded the band still was any substantial radio airplay. Despite their songs being shamefully pop in style and construction they hadn’t quite come up with the key to unlock the radio door.

The first release from the forthcoming third album “With This Ship” changed that. The song got the  airplay it deserved and the awareness of who The Basics were seemed to be growing. Despite this the third album KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE proved to be a difficult one for the band to get right and it took a lot longer than planned to arrive at the ultimate mix of songs. It was, in fact, a mixed bag emotionally and stylistically. Yet it still displayed the inventiveness and edgy creative spark that the sum of The Basics parts make so special as a whole.

With the three Basics off doing separate things all over the world this is your choice

The Basics INGREDIENTS is out now


  • 'Wait For You' THE BASICS

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