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Cosmo Jarvis to release third album

Posted on 4 Jun 2012

Aged only 22, Cosmo Jarvis will release his third album Think Bigger on July 6 through on 25th Frame through MGM.

Love This, the lead single from the album is scheduled for June 8.  His music and films have made him an online phenomenon with hisYouTube shorts, usually observational comedy skits about small town life, being viewed almost three million times – his contagious shanty single ‘Gay Pirates’,  picking up over a million hits alone.  It also made it into triple j’s hottest 100 this year.

The last two albums (Humasyouhitch/Sonofabitch and Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange? ),  have seen Cosmo hightail between many musical styles, but the new album, Think Bigger, sees Cosmo adhere to a singer-songwriter template tinged with alt-country sensibilities and a string section sourced from Ebay. This is Cosmo Jarvis though, so it’s never straightforward or predictable- everything is imprinted with his personality and imagination. On top of recording his new album, Cosmo also finished the movie he has been talking about – The Naughty Room.

Check out the trailor here

Whilst the tone of the album maintains a steady musical course the subject matter on Think Bigger is intriguingly varied.  There’s the roaring folkabilly of ‘Sunshine’ about contemporary society’s damaging sense of entitlement; the poignant elegy for ‘The Girl From My Village’ (“about my loathing at the fact she was taken when others who I am certain will do less good with their lives are allowed to keep on breathing”); whilst single-in-waiting ‘Train Down Town’ is about a dystopian future akin to one of Charlie Brooker’s ‘Black Mirror’ satirical drama.  Even the love song ‘Lacie’ is revealed as an ode to Cosmo’s computer’s external hard drive - “because I am unable to express how thankful I am that while I sleep the contents of my brain are being guarded.”

A down-to-earth maverick talent, Cosmo Jarvis was born in New Jersey to an Armenian-American artist mother and an English sea captain father.  The family moved to the UK when he was very small and Cosmo spent his formative years with his mother in Totnes, Devon after his parents split in initially acrimonious circumstances.  His teens were spent sparring with her and getting up to all manner of small town trouble. He also developed a sideline in writing songs and making films. By the time he was in his late teens local appreciation had bloomed into a MySpace and Youtube following. Now a one man word-of-mouth industry who might just be about to receive the recognition he deserves, Cosmo’s work is unique, forthright, human and involving.  He’s an artist, in other words, who’s proving truly exciting to follow.

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