Cezary Skubiszewski creates Original Score for Red Dog film

Posted on 9 Aug 2011

If you’re one of Australia’s greatest filmmakers searching for a composer  to complement your charming Australian film it makes sense that you’d look to one of Australia’s greatest composers. That’s what happened with Kriv Stenders (Boxing Day, Blacktown) and his very charming, heartfelt film Red Dog.

Cezary Skubiszewski (Beneath Hill 60, Bran Nue Dau) creates the dramatic original score for this heartfelt comical tale of an Australian country town and the dog it loved.  Now in cinemas, Red Dog already has been nominated for numerous film awards and this week closed the 60th Melbourne Film Festival.

Starring Noah Taylor, Josh Lucas, Rachel Taylor the film is set in Dampier, an isolated town deep in the Pilbara where a free-wheeling kelpie known as Red Dog lies close to death. As the townsfolk keep vigil by his bedside, they tell newcomer Tom (Luke Ford) tales of the dog's many exploits. This is the unadorned premise of Red Dog, a charming, nostalgic and comical waltz through a forgotten Australia where men were men, beer was beer, shorts were short, and a single flatulent dog had the capacity to unite an entire community

The salute to the Australia that once was, is created through songs such 'Evie (Let Your Hair Hang Down)' (Vanda/Young) performed by Stevie Wright, 'We Can’t Be Beaten' (Anderson/Riley) performed by Rose Tattoo and ‘Shadow Boxer’ (Brewster/Neeson/Brewster) performed by The Angels, all featured in the film.

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