Brendan Gallagher new album + National Tour

Posted on 30 Aug 2013

Two time ARIA award winner and Karma County front man Brendan Gallagher takes his soon to be released album Wine Island out on the road. 

Funky, bluesy, gritty, a little bit country, a little bit rock n roll and 100% Gallagher, Wine Island RELEASED SEPT 16 is the highly anticipated new double album by two-time ARIA award winner and Karma County front man Brendan Gallagher.

Wine Island – Gallagher’s third album –charts its own course, tripping thematically from turn of the century imperial China to a '70s glam happening; from a Mick Taylor styled impression of a clothing shop In Bilbao to an instrumental yacht rock homage to Bondi Beach. There’s a weird-arse cover of a great Elmore James song, and a nod to Reg Mombassa with large dose of lapsed Catholicism, plus the ever present nursery rhyme ethos that mixes fluently with Gallagher’s sweet, resonant and rocking trademark poetry and wit.

Disc 1 (Bianco) is a rockin' affair with a nod to his formative years as a player, channelling ZZ Top, Kraftwerk, Chuck Berry, Roxy Music, Devo, Ry Cooder and others. Disc 2 (Rosso) is gentler, more spacious, pulling in elements from Scott Walker, Leon Russell, The Beatles (with Billy Preston), Lalo Schifrin, Springsteen et al.

Throughout his 30 years in the music business Gallagher has worked with many talented artists from the late great Jimmy Little (Messenger) to Jesse Younan and Jeremy Oxley (Sunnyboys). He’s recorded for David Bowie, authored the international bestseller The Open Tuning Chord Book for Guitar, contributed songs for popular television series Sea Change and films including Somersault, Clubland and The Boys Are Back, and composed for film makers like Warwick Thorton and Rachel Perkins.


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