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Angus Young voted The Most Important Australian Guitarist of All Time

Posted on 16 May 2012

Australian Guitar Magazine readers voted Angus Young as the The Most Important Australian Lead Guitarist  in a poll which hits magazine stores today.

Australian Guitar compiled a comprehensive list of the 50 greatest guitar players in Australia history

The top 50 lists features players from genres ranging from classical and funk to metal core, rock, blues and roots. “We’ve not assigned ourselves to one genre, or started checking passports or whether people know their Mixolydian scales or not – basically, if you’re a unique guitar player that spent a good stretch of your time Down Under, pushed the envelope and inspired others to do so, there’s every chance you’re on this list. We’re not ranking the first 40, simply because we’d prefer to bask in the glory of their work than try and compare apples and oranges. That said, we will give you a definitive top ten of the greats, you at least deserve that,” says Australian Guitar magazine editor Lachlan Marks. 

The readers of the credible magazine were posed the question, who are our most important musicians? They weren't looking for the fastest or best, instead the Australian musicians who've made the biggest musical footprint on the music world. 

Topping the list is ACDC’s, Angus Young. “Angus has the sort of skills that allow serious rock lovers to overlook the fact they’re being demonstrated by a tiny gurning man in his late-‘50s, dressed as a schoolboy,” says Andrew P Street.  Fellow top-ten finalist Chris Cheney (The Living End) concurs. “Under the image is a supremely talented guitar player responsible for some of the most distinctive guitar riffs ever … he is one of the absolute all time greats. To me it’s like Hendrix, Page, Keith Richards, you know he’s one of those guys.”

Other Alberts songwriters and performers who made an impact on the readers poll were Malcolm Young, George Young, Phil Rudd, Rick Brewster & James Morrison. 


Most Important Australian Lead Guitarist Ever

  1. Angus Young (ACDC)
  2. Tommy Emmanuel
  3. Ian Moss (Cold Chisel)
  4. Chris Cheney (The Living End)
  5. Rick Brewster (The Angels)
  6. Slava Grigoryan (Slava Grigoryan)
  7. Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman, The Visitors)
  8. Jim Moginie (Midnight Oil)
  9. Lobby Loyde (Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs)
  10. Ross Hannaford (Daddy Cool)

Most Important Australian 'Other' Instrumentalist Ever

  1. James Morrison
  2. Warren Ellis - Dirty Three
  3. Harry James Angus - The Cat Empire

Most Important Drummer Ever

  1. Rob Hirst - Midnight Oil
  2. Phil Rudd - AC/DC
  3. Virgil Donati

Most Important Australian Rhythm Guitarist Ever

  1. Malcolm Young - AC/DC
  2. Mick Harvey - The Bad Seeds
  3. George Young - The Easybeats



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