• 1  /  4 Timomatic 'Explode' (Track x Track)
  • 2  /  4 EXPLODE (*Kat Noorbergen/Beatgees/Tim Omaji) - TIMOMATIC
  • 3  /  4 Timomatic 'Satellites'(Track x Track)
  • 4  /  4 SATELLITES (*Mark Benedicto/*Stuart Brander/ Tim Omaji) - TIMOMATIC


Alberts Writers Camp Songs on this week’s #3 ARIA CHART ALBUM

Posted on 5 Sep 2012

Congratulations to Tim Omaji AKA Timomatic whose self titled debut album Timomatic debuted this week  #3 on Australia’s ARIA Album Chart.

Impressively, Tim Omaji AKA Timomatic co-wrote 90% of his first album. One track off the album Explode was written at the Alberts International Writers Camp held at Albert studios earlier in the year.  Timomatic was put together with Nat Noorbergen and Beatgees for a one day writing session. Watch Timomatic’s youtube track by track for the inside story.

Alberts also represents Mark Benedicto and Stuart Brander who co-wrote the song Satellites on the album with Timomatic. Head of Creative Development at Alberts, writer/producer Michael Szumowski co-produced the track with Trailblazers.

These astounding group of writers and producers have generated a soulful blend of pop, dance and R&B, inspired by the likes of Usher, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo and his childhood-hero Michael Jackson.

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