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Alberts to represent Jasmine Ash (APRA territory)

Posted on 23 Apr 2013

We're absolutely thrilled to welcome Jasmine Ash to Alberts and to confirm we'll be representing her works for Australia & New Zealand. 

Residing in Los Angeles Jasmine is a singer-songwriter with stellar writing skills, gossamer vocals and effortless charm. Her honest lyrics combine with often quirky pop melodies to formulate a unique infectious sound winning over local and international audiences. 

Her catalogue of songs have had great success with the campaigns who have licensed her music. From the whimsical, enchanting love song, “Starlight” used in Ferrero Rocher’s TV campaign ( UK, US and Ireland) to her dreamlike song ‘Lulls’ used for a Nissan TV campaign

In 2012, Jasmine released her full-length record Beneath The Noise (produced and co-written by Jacques Brautbar and Sam Farrar). The retro Motown influenced “Killer” was heard on 90210 and Apple's 2011 tutorial for iPad 2, and the seductive, drum driven “Cut Up” was placed in TV series The Good Wife.

Along with her solo projects, Jasmine is also songwriter and front woman for indie/rock band Oh Darling. Oh Darling’s music can be heard on numerous TV shows, films and ad campaigns, such as Disney’s PROM, KIA, Bloomingdales, Drop Dead Diva and many more. The band was also selected to be part of Evian’s “Live Young” campaign in 2011, supporting promotional efforts for the world's #1 brand of premium natural spring water.

On top of her work with Oh Darling and her solo projects, Jasmine is constantly creating and developing various projects, most recently co-writing with UK’s Ed Sheeran, American Idol winner Kris Allen, Disney sensations R5, and Australian singer-songwriter Ben Lee. 

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