First look at San Cisco new video ‘Awkward’

Posted on 2 Dec 2011

We sat down with Josh Biondillo (guitar, vocals, keys) and Nick Gardner (bass, keys) from San Cisco the day their new video 'Awkward' hit the webisphere. Find out 'Who writes the lyrics' and 'If CD's, MP3s or Vinyl mean more' to our newest signing.


One song that is making a lot of fans is "Awkward".  What do you think makes this song so popular?

Josh: Its simplicity. 2 chords, The call and response, the up-beat tempo. The song is a fantastic example of a pop song.

With Jordi still at high school, how often and how long do you practice?

Josh: Usually it is once a week. But we haven't had a band practice for a few months now because Jordi is doing his final high school exams.

Nick: Practice times depend completely on availability, between uni courses, jobs, and one year 12 student, the chances to practice get pretty slim, I don't even remember the last practice! However there are still new songs coming out, yesterday Josh and I recorded a bit crushed version of our latest song.

Were you influenced by other records or artists? Which ones?

Josh: At the moment i have rediscovered Smith Westerns. They are having a massive influence on my writing and the sounds i am making at the moment.

Where do you draw influences from?

Josh: Music blogs - new music

CD/Vinyl/Mp3? Why?

Josh: I have been collecting vinyl records since i was very young and now i have a massive collection. If i want to buy a really special record that i like i will buy it on vinyl. But otherwise i will usually just buy it on iTunes.

Nick: CD for good quality listening, Vinyl for hands on analog listening, and MP3 for nothing because its really poor quality. Mp4 or wav. however...

How did “San Cisco” start?

Josh: I went to high school with nick and Jordi and Jordi has known Scarlett forever.

Who would you love to tour with that you haven’t already?

Josh: Neon Indian, Smith Westerns, The Drums, Flaming lips

Nick: Would love to tour with Jigga Man, Hova, Shawn Carter or Jay-Z.

Who’s the driver of the van?

Josh: Well I don’t have my licence, so not me!

Nick: The one and only Clancy Travers, the greatest van driver out also the finest sound guy in the southern hemisphere, possibly the universe!

Who writes the lyrics in the band?

Josh: Jordi James Davieson

What’s instore for San Cisco for 2012?

Josh: Similar to 2011 but Jordi will be free to write more songs. I don't think he has even written a single song this year. Lazy sod. Also maybe some touring, and recording.

Nick: More than ever, 2012 is already looking very busy, more recording, possible tour, some great gigs, festivals, etc… Almost every week something else is added to the 2012 calendar and with Jordi being 18 and free from school it'll be pretty great.

(NB hmmm lazy sod?! Poor guy has been finishing his HSC this year – that’s final year of High School if you are reading this outside of Australia)

Favourite album cover? Why?

Josh: Mostly artworks done by leif podhajsky. He is a really influential graphic artist when it comes to record artworks.

Nick: Q-Tip's Renaissance, Raphael Saadiq's Stone Rollin' or the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Artwork. Couldn't tell you why exactly, they're just cool, maybe it’s just the music.

Favourite video? Why?

Josh: Metronomy - The look. Simple, good song.

Nick: Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim, very self-explanatory reason.

Favourite lyric of one of your songs?

Nick: The N.W.A shoutout in "Toast" a song which hasn't been released yet but we play live.

"Awkward' NOW availabe on iTunes... 

  • San Cisco's brand new video "Awkward"

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