The Angels

(Composer: J Brewster/Neeson/R Brewster/Bailey/Bidstrup)

Anyone familiar with hard rock band The Angels music and their history knows they are not only one of Australia’s greatest ever bands but one of its longest surviving.

Since releasing their debut single ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’  in May 1976, the band has gone on to enjoy an extraordinary career – through the release of a vast catalogue of recorded music and performing thousands of gigs over more than three decades. Buoyed by the encouragement of Malcolm Young, Angus Young and Bon Scott they moved to Sydney in early 1976 and were signed by Harry Vanda and George Young to the Alberts label after successfully recording some demos of their material. 
‘Face To Face’  unleashed a stash of classic songs, all written by the song-writing team of ‘John Brewster/Doc Neeson/Rick Brewster’. Typically driven by a high energy mix of muscular guitars underscored by a pile driving rhythm section and topped off by manic and emotive vocals of their charismatic and hyper singer, ‘Face to Face’  also established the unique audience bonding tribalism now integral to an Angels show. There was no holding back the juggernaut as the follow up album 'No Exit'  (June 1979) presented another clutch of classics also written by the team who have recently been inducted onto the Australian Song writers Hall of Fame
Their dynamic live show saw them selling out the country’s biggest venues as well as helping mentor a whole new generation of bands as part of pub rock movement which became the dominant Australian sound for years to come. 
The release of their fourth album 'Dark Room' (June 1980) provided their first number one title ‘No Secrets’. Penned by Doc Neeson and Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup the track further consolidated their enormous success. Nowhere was this more apparent than when they played to a record 1979 New Year’s Eve concert crowd of 100,000 on the steps of the Sydney Opera House. As we fast forward to present day, we are constantly reminded why the band is so revered as its members continue to actively write and perform new songs under their highly esteemed pseudonym, ‘The Angels’.


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