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Ted Mulry Gang

Born in the UK, Ted Mulry was a singer, songwriter, bass player and guitarist who achieved his success in Australia firstly as a solo performer and then led his own band Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) with guitarist Les Hall, drummer Herman Kovac and Gary Dixon (from album 2).

In 1972 Ted Mulry formed a rock band called TMG (Ted Mulry Gang). TMG toured extensively together over the next 14 years holding the record for Australia's longest tour with 128 consecutive dates. They also held a record for touring 13 years with the same line up; something almost unheard of in this day and age. As a result TMG were known as one of Australia's greatest touring rock and roll bands and still have a wide following today.

TMG released records in many countries including: United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, U.S.A. Holland, New Zealand and Australia.

During the TMG years they released eight albums. Out of these eight albums, which all went gold, four became platinum. eighty per cent of TMG's albums were written by Ted Mulry. TMG disbanded in late 1986.

From the eight TMG albums they released 15 singles, 13 charted Top 40, 6 charted Top 10 and four charted Top 5.

"Jump In My Car" which is remembered as one of TMG's classics reached #1 on Australia's National singles chart and is also remembered as one of the Top 5 biggest selling singles in Australian music history. "Jump In My Car" also charted as No.1 in Melbourne for 11 weeks.

"Struttin’" was TMG's biggest selling album reaching the Australian National Top 10.

In April 1990 TMG, with the original members reformed to release a new single, "Old Habits" in July 1990, with an album following.


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