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  • 2  /  5 "Sunshine" (O.Rein/O.Avni) | Old Man River 2007
  • 3  /  5 "La" (O.Rein/E.Khan/N.Khan) | Old Man River 2007
  • 4  /  5 "You're On My Mind" (O.Rein) | Old Man River
  • 5  /  5 Old Man River performing for the Dalai Lama (Perth 2011) Old Man River performing for the Dalai Lama (Perth 2011)

Old Man River

(Composer: O. Rein)

Old Man River is singer/songwriter Ohad Rein. This is how he is best known around the world with his infectious, warm and upbeat songs which are an insightful observation of life.  Old Man River is a story teller, a songwriter, a musician and has been recognised for the prestigious Blues & Roots Work of  the Year APRA award for writing 'Sunshine'.

After the success of his 2007 debut, "Good Morning", you might have expected Old Man River, to record a quick follow-up and capitalise on his growing popularity. Instead, the enigmatic Sydneysider had the busiest time of his life, full of international adventures, business developments and personal triumphs. Music has taken him all over the world – to countries like Italy, Japan and Korea, where Good Morning was a chart-topping success; and to Israel and India, where he found the inspiration to write an album’s-worth of new material. Back home, he signed a new publishing deal with J. Albert & Son, won the APRA Award for ‘Blue’s & Roots’ Artist of the Year and connected with a new record label, Stop Start (EMI), whilst on a personal note, mid-2009, he and his partner welcomed their first child into the world. So in many ways - new beginnings, for this amazing talent.
Rein returned to the spotlight in 2010 with Trust – an album that built on the foundation of Good Morning yet sounds like nothing he’s done before. It’s a glorious collection of pop music, infused with global sounds and held together by ambitious, widescreen production. The sunny melodies and lyrical honesty that defined OMR’s early work are still present, but there’s also a new sense of maturity that makes these songs resonate more profoundly. The album was written while Old Man River was on the road in Asia, Europe and America, then recorded over a 12-month period at studios in Sydney, Tel Aviv and Mumbai. A cornucopia of musicians from all corners of the globe contributed to the record’s full-bodied sound, and Rein enlisted several renowned producers to helm the recording sessions.
Trust’s behind-the-scenes talent includes producers Wayne Connolly (You Am I, Youth Group, Sarah Blasko), Ori Avni from Israel, and legendary Indian record-maker Daman Sood (Jagjit Singh, Abida Parveen). “I’ve always had this dream to go to India and record something,” Rein explains.“So we went to India and we managed to track down this producer guru that I’m a great fan of. He used to be really big in the ‘60s and ‘70s and responsible for the finest works in Indian music history, but he’s not producing any more: he’s a born-again Christian. He’s the pastor of a church now. But he was happy to do this recording, as a one-off. He’s quite a character and looks a bit like the Indian equivalent of Marlon Brando.” Finally, OMR flew the Trust master tapes to the USA, where Tony Hoffer (Beck, Air, Phoenix) mixed the record and tied together its many disparate strands on the key cuts from the album.
Rein continues to reach new levels of connectedness, both with those who already follow his music and with audiences he has yet to touch. “Music is a beautiful industry,” he says, “because it puts you in your place. When we toured Good Morning, we could play to 20,000 people at a festival in Italy one week, and then play to five people at a pub in Bunbury the next. It’s like one day you’re a king, and the next day you’re a jester. And I quite enjoy that.


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