Nadav Kahn

Nadav Kahn is a Sydney-based musician and singer songwriter.

Nadav Kahn is a Sydney-based musician and singer songwriter. Born in Israel, he spent most of his childhood on a kibbutz like a little jungle boy, running free, climbing trees and eating pomegranates before migrating to Australia with his family at the age of fourteen. Since then he has lived in many cities around the world.

Nadav has worked extensively in the alternative rock/pop/folk scene. In 2000, he was a founding member of the rock band GELBISON. The band released two critically acclaimed records; "1704" (2002) and "See The World" (2004) on Virgin/EMI. Since then, many collaborations have followed including: NATIONS BY THE RIVER, with band members Luke Steele (EMPIRE OF THE SUN), Ohad Rein (OLD MAN RIVER), Edo Kahn (GELBISON) and Sarah Blasko, releasing the album "Holes in the Valley" (2005); KAHN BROTHERS (with his brother Edo), releasing the folk-pop record  "Love Melts Fear" (2008); and OPERATION ALOHA, the Hawaiian tree house collective with band mates from MAROON 5, GOMEZ & PHANTOM PLANET, releasing the self-titled debut record "Operation Aloha" (2009).

For the past 7 years Nadav has spent time in India, discovering an ethnic palette of sound that reawakened his connection to his own cultural roots. Stemming from this, he has just finished recording two album; one is a modern take on Indian Sanskrit chants, and the other a Hebrew album of original Kabbalistic mantras called “Lev Shalem”, soon to be released under the name DOVE AND THE NESHAMA

His latest project is the score/soundtrack to the Jennifer Lynch Bollywood Odyssey biopic “Despite the Gods” (directed by Penny Vozniak), scheduled for release in June 2012, coinciding with the Australian premiere of the film at the Sydney Film Festival.  He co-produced and co-wrote the soundtrack with Jessica Chapnik Kahn (aka Appleonia), an artist he is collaborating with on her soon to be released debut album.

Recently, Nadav won “song of the year” APRA Music Award for co-writing & producing the OLD MAN RIVER song "Sunshine". He continues to write with artists and songwriters for all types of projects.

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