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There’s nary a corner of Australia which has not been touched by Wally De Backer’s latest Gotye album “Making Mirrors” and it’s runaway single “Somebody That I Used To Know”, and local Melbourne audiences have been tickled pink by the broad cinematic appeal of Tim Heath’s instrumental group Blood Red Bird.

In that sense, bass-player and vocalist for The Basics – Kris Schroeder – is late to a table already stocked full by his bandmates-on-hiatus, with his own solo effort “Patience in the Face of Control” for release on September 11 this year.

“I’ve never really felt confident in pursuing a solo career – I guess that’s part of the reason I clutched so tight to The Basics for this past 10 years. Wally always had his crazy drumming and amazing vocals, and Tim is a musical genius in the category of a modern-day Paganini. I just wasn’t sure what exactly I had to offer!”

Schroeder says it was some recent life-changing experiences – not least of which was the breakdown of his relationship with songstress Ayleen O’Hanlon, who appeared on the ROFLMAO birthday jam record released to raise funds for the Japanese Red Cross, and whose vocals also appear in parts of the EP – which inspired him to pull together.

Initially intended to be finished as a full-length album, Kris recently secured a posting with the Red Cross in Kenya for the next 12 months, and his impending departure has forced him to rethink musical plans and quickly move to finish what he started.

“I’ve been seeking a move into humanitarian work since developing programmes for Indigenous communities here in Australia with The Basics, and this opportunity just seemed to spring up at the right time. Unfortunately that’s meant letting go of certain expectations as far as this record goes, but I do hope that this release can serve to give me the courage to yet again take up where I’m about to leave off.”

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