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Jessica Cerro

''Through the way I dress, my mannerisms, the way I speak—I like to think that every aspect of me is unique. After all, everybody supposedly has a completely unique fingerprint; I think everybody also has a completely unique overall being'' 

This 170 cm tall singer/songwriter reads a book a day. Okay that's a little exaggeration but if it's not her guitar, a book bag is her common companion. Her extended vocabulary and creative thought process enables her to produce sounds of a storyteller sparking our most vivid imagination. Her tremendous knack in writing catchy songs added by her impeccable vocal pipes is a sign of an exciting career.

''Seventeen-year-old Jessica Cerro was a highlight....... Her voice is astounding, able to control pitch with amazing accuracy. Her natural vibrato fluttered like a sparrow’s wings and her impressively sophisticated songwriting hints at great things to come. Cerro’s work has surprising emotional resonance, impressive at any age'' Written by Matt MacMaster music.com.au

'''....vocal pipes reminiscent of Adele and Fiona Apple, ..,  Jessica’s performance set the foundation for a promising career'' Nicholas Langley theaureview.com

Jessica Cerro started writing at age 16. In 2012, she became TripleJ’s Unearthed High Finalist with the song Anyone But Me which she uploaded in Unearthed on April 2012. which was also used by Manly Council for their immerseyourselfinmanly.com.au promotion.; as well many other online promotions like shoptiques.com and included in Triple J Ausmusic Month mix tape in November 2012 as well as given regular airplay in JJJ's national radio.


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