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Glenn Cardier

'...Cardier is our finest contemporary singer-songwriter BAR NONE...' (Keith Glass, Rhythms)

Australian singer-songwriter Glenn Cardier's enigmatic and compelling songs have enchanted audiences from London's Marquee and Ronnie Scott's Club, the Glasgow Apollo and Liverpool Empire, through to Sunbury and the Sydney Opera House and every major blues/roots festival in Australia.
Flashback to Brisbane Australia in the late 50's. Rock'n'roll has come to town and Cardier, with his brylcreemed hair combed back Elvis-style, is strumming his hand-medown acoustic guitar in the bedroom. Several 'Boomerang Songster' booklets are scattered on the bed, one opened at the Chuck Berry song 'School Days'. The young Brisbane boy sings the lyrics. 'Up in the mornin' and out to school...' The song, the guitar, the lyrics. That was the template. Been that way ever since. 
Flash forward to 2002. From a review of his CD Rattle The Cage.
'...his trademark combination of incisive observation and skewed wit is still intact here, wrapped in a blues-infused rock that shows off his seasoned voice. The years have made his voice gruffer and occasionally craggier but he hasn't lost his knack of juggling a genuinely sensitive moment with one that raises a wry smile...'
Singer-songwriter Glenn Cardier, over the decades, has played guitar and sung his songs in pubs and clubs and concerts the world over. In surf bands of the early 60's. The British beatgroup years. Singing folk and blues songs in coffee houses. A recording contract with Festival records. Vinyl LPs ('Days Of Wilderness', 'Only When I Laugh', 'Glenn Cardier'). 45 RPM singles. Concerts with Frank Zappa, Spike Milligan, Manfred
Mann. Four years in the UK playing the folk circuit. Cover versions of his songs by Olivia Newton-John, Fairport Convention and Old' 55.
Forward again to 2004 and his CD House Of Mirrors '...a national treasure...' (Glenn A Baker) and to 2008 with Exiles From Eden ' ...Cardier can get gruff with the blues but hasn't lost his silken acoustic touch. Four Stars!' (Weekend Australian).
In 2009, Cardier puts together his band, the Sideshow. A live DVD/CD ensued - 'Live At Lizottes (Glenn Cardier and the Sideshow). '...some of the finest songwriting this country has produced' (Bruce Elder, Sydney Morning Herald) 2012. Glenn Cardier takes the Sideshow into Albert Studios and records the critically acclaimed 'Stranger Than Fiction'. He adorns this album with his 'jukebox' sounds. The twangy guitars, the time-honoured piano and organ textures, the slapback echo he heard over the radio in Brisbane all those years ago. '... Cardier is a singer-songwriter
whose emotionality plumbs consistent depths. The engagement and wonder of Cardier's songs is his ability to meticulously construct individual and illuminating musical and vocal settings. Four Stars!' (Anthony O'Grady, Weekend Australian)



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