• 1  /  4 "Hey St Peter" (H. Vanda/ G Young)/ Flash and the Pan (1977)
  • 2  /  4 "Walking In The Rain" (H.Vanda/G.Young)/ Flash and the Pan (1977)
  • 3  /  4 "Midnight Man" (H.Vanda/G.Young) / Flash and the Pan (1977)
  • 4  /  4 "Walking In The Rain" (H.Vanda/G.Young)/ Peugeot Commercial 2011

Flash and the Pan

Flash and The Pan - the spoken vocals, the mysterious musical settings and unforgettable melodies  - was never meant to last beyond a self-titled debut, but it did.  

Formed as a creative release for writer / producers Harry Vanda and George Young, singles like "Hey St. Peter", "Down Among the Dead Men" and "Walking in the Rain", established a momentum that proved difficult to stop.  Combining masterful song writing and a decidedly bent world view Vanda and Young managed to create a string of hit albums - attracting a vast and loyal international fan-base in the process.

The story began in 1964 at an austere migrant hostel in Sydney. It was there that George Young made friends with Harry Vanda. They were misfits, no doubt about it (Harry barely spoke a word of English, George's Glasgow brogue was so thick barely anyone understood him) but they formed a friendship that was to last through the decades

That meeting resulted in the formation of a great rock & roll band. The Easybeats created a string of classic hit records including “Friday On My Mind”.  Harry and George branched out as producers working with AC/DC, Rose Tattoo and the Angels creating the blueprint for a generation of contemporary rock & roll bands and with John Paul Young, William Shakespeare and Mark Williams writing and producing hit after international hit.

Alongside this body of work they maintained recording Flash and The Pan. Since the debut there's been Lights in the Night, Headlines (including "Waiting for a Train"), Early Morning Wakeup Call (an immense hit in Europe) and Nights in France (including two European Top 10 hits with "Money Don't Lie" and "Ayla".


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