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Felix Riebl

Felix Riebl, is a singer/songwriter/composer known for his decade long project The Cat Empire, which successfully keeps gaining music awards, record crowd numbers, platinum record sales and international festival headlines.

Alongside his touring life, Felix has been working on other projects, composing music for The Commonwealth Games, Award Winning short film Two Men, The Dream Festival, White Night Melbourne, and the Australia Day Fireworks at Darling Harbour.

His first solo album Into the Rain is described as an intricate storytelling voyage. 'Paper Doors', Riebls next studio album is to be released later in the year. 

“There’s travelling for music, that’s the exploring, opening your ears to new sounds, rhythms, ideas. There’s travelling with music, that’s the touring, playing each night, the euphoria and the distances, making a living. Then there’s travelling in music, that’s when a song starts and the air changes, and all you can do is follow it, or be carried by it – that’s the best kind.”
— Felix


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