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Eric McCusker

Born in Dublin and raised on Sydney's Bronte Beach, Eric's first showbiz experience was doing live science experiments on television with his physicist father.

He started playing guitar whilst attending junior high in Ithaca, New York in 1966. On that same trip he also met Elvis Presley at a Luau in Honolulu.
Eric's first band while still at high school in Sydney, was with Renee Geyer. After school he travelled for a year in Europe then studied medicine for two years before joining the fledgling jazz course at the Sydney Conservatorium. He then played guitar with Ross Ryan, Stevie Wright, Jon English and Jeff St John before moving to Melbourne to join Captain Matchbox.

In 1980 Eric joined Mondo Rock whose first single, Eric's song “State of the Heart”, became a gold selling hit, spending 27 weeks in the National top 40. This lead to the “Chemistry” album which went platinum and won Album of the Year and Songwriter of the Year for Eric.

Mondo Rock continued to hit for most of the 80's with Eric's songs such as “Summer of ‘81”, “Chemistry” and “No Time”, culminating in their biggest song “Come Said the Boy” which won the APRA award for Most Performed Song in 1984 and has become an Aussie classic.

Eric lives in Melbourne with Jenee and kids Mike and Molly. He has been a director of APRA for 20 years and plays guitar with Ross Wilson and occasionally with the re-formed Mondo Rock. Eric constantly writes and is involved in music education and music business advocacy. Over the last 5 years has been collaborating with Melbourne songwriter/musician/producer Jake Mason and together have written over 30 songs. 

He is currently working on a new musical called Ava (At The End of the World) 


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