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Ed McGuire, a self taught guitarist and singer, took the low road out of Glasgow, Scotland, five years ago with a bag on his back and a guitar in hand. Along the way, he would take the guitar out of its case and play songs in crowded bars, performing his own songs and covers, capturing imaginations and hearts with his fine, soulful voice.

“I started off playing in a couple of bands around Glasgow,” says McGuire. “then I started doing more acoustic stuff,  covers and original material. But I had itchy feet so I decided to take the songs to the road."

He made it to Australia in 2005, without any idea of what would follow. He continued to play his songs for any audience that happened to be gathered around.  His honest and down to earth songwriting draws on the deep musical heritage of his hometown and such influential bands as Travis, Teenage Fanclub, Belle and Sebastian and The Fratellis.

The culmination of this part of the young Scottish singer’s voyage was the release of his first EP Who Do You Trust? in 2010, an EP of four sparse songs, ‘Who Do You Trust?’, ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’, ‘Maybe It’s Me’ and ‘Something’s Gotta Change’.

The EP begins with the finely honed skiffle/bluebeat of ‘Who Do You Trust?, a song which asks, how do we know who to believe in this day and age when so many from governments to corporations, seem to have an agenda and ultimately something to sell?  

The song was licensed for a scene in the Australian hit drama series Packed To The Rafters and was watched by close to 2 million viewers. 

No mean feat. The EP’s second track, ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’ has a gentle electric sway and a defiantly pretty melody that belies the subtle melancholy of the ghostly lyrics. The insistent harmonics that propel ‘Maybe It’s Me’ toward its crescendo and climax also ly arranged showcase the song’s fine lyrics – “They promised us a glimpse at the master plan/…They promised us a real brotherhood man ... They promised that we’d learn from our own mistakes/ Maybe it's me but it doesn’t feel that way”. 

Following the release of the "Who Do You Trust" EP and an Australian regional tour, Ed returned to the UK to work on new material with leading producer & mixing engineer Cenzo Townshend (Florence & the Machine, Peter Bjorn and John, Editors, Kaiser Chiefs, Klaxons). 

Combining some of this material with further tracks recorded in Scotland, Ed plans to release his 2nd EP in the later half of 2011. The follow-up EP is another leap forward for Ed. Whilst retaining the melodic and lyrical intensity of ‘Who do you Trust’, his sophomore EP is heightened with more complex and compelling arrangements.

Ed currently resides in Australia, writing and performing in the inner city beach suburb of Bondi.  It may be worlds away from his hometown of Glasgow, but his music still echoes his heritage, capturing hearts and imaginations.  


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