David Butterworth

A hazy memory prevents exact dates but ever since the early 90’s Dave Butterworth has been a stalwart and of the Australian garage rock scene.

From 2000-2008 as fearless leader of The Double Agent’s he took no prisoners in the harsh world of the Melbourne underground.  Releasing 2 albums a slew of 7” singles , supports to the likes of White Stripes, Mudhoney, Dead Moon followed by 2 successful European tours ( ’04 & 08’) saw this band draw to it’s conclusion.  Dave then joined forces with old pal and fellow Alberts’ artist Dave Larkin in their 3 piece ensemble Gun Street Girls. Their most recent effort ‘Adult Loose’ followed on quickly from their self titled cd in 2009.

2012 sees Dave working on several new projects, focusing mainly on new band ‘Diamond Valley Panthers’, a triple guitar rollicking attack as well as writing under the solo guise of ‘The Diamond Valley Panther’
Expect releases late in the year… Vinyl only!


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