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Chloe Tully

The somewhat awkward and yet entrancing Australian singer/songwriter Chloe Tully is troubadour of a different kind. 

Born and raised in outback Australia, on a sheep and cattle station 1,200km west of Brisbane, Chloe grew up saturated in the history of her Irish pioneering ancestors and cattle kings of the late 18oo’s. She did her primary schooling at home and was taught by her mother through a program called ‘School of Distance Education’ via the radio. It was also during those early years that she learnt guitar. Her father’s choice of music such as John Denver and Paul Kelly heavily influenced her development as a musical child. At the age of ten, and at her insistence,

Chloe was sent to boarding school. ‘That’s when I began to heavily rely on music. I was often homesick and because my parents were ten hours away, the only thing I had to hold onto was music.’ Chloe remembers in high school how she often spent her Friday afternoons in the music blocks and not socializing in the dormitory. ‘What I enjoyed more that anything was being locked in a soundproof cell with a piano, or guitar. I wrote some of my first songs in that room, and I’m still playing them at shows.’

This 23 year old desert nymph seems to be bringing a piece of the outback with her, scattering hints of it in between song lyrics and on the stage. Yet there is no cowboy hat to be seen. She escorts her listeners on a journey of human interactions and personal discoveries. ‘It’s the intangible desert spirit, that connection to the earth, the people’s stories and my connection with the same piece of land over generations…that’s what flows through me and out of the pen.’ The lyrics have it; the grief, fear, love, hurt and jovial moments she has lived through in all twenty-three years.’ ‘Being honest is crucial. The more I show my heart, soul and innards to the audience, the better I feel after a show. And I can relax with the comfort of knowing I gave myself away during the set. It’s almost like letting go of a secret you’ve held onto for too long.’

Chloe’s Wallflower EP which was released in February 2010 is a superb first delivery of what can be achieved from such little resources. Using just an Mbox and two mic’s she and producer/musician Steve Grady created the record. ‘It was a lot of trial and error. And I’ll admit I did spit the dummy a few times. I was incredibly green to the whole process.’ Luckily she made it through to compile five full band tracks plus one hidden track. All the songs off the album are written by Chloe.

By mid 2010, coming off the end of a radio tour in regional Queensland and successfully landing national radio play on ABC with her track 'Wallflower' Chloe was ready to take another step towards releasing a studio record. With the help of her Mum, Chloe set out countless emails to various producers and recording studios. In the end, it was Alberts who took a genuine interest in Chloe's song writing - in particular the track 'Wallflower'. Chloe began working with producer Michael Szumowski on three band tracks (part of a small agreement which enabled Chloe studio time at Alberts). Upon the eve of this experience it was then that Alberts offered Chloe her first Publishing deal.

In 2011 Chloe has seen a change in her style of writing - leaning of a variety of music for varied inspiration including 'Julian Casablancas', 'The Bird & The Bee', 'Rufus Wainwright' and 'Laura Marling'. Chloe also took the liberty of sending herself on an adventure to London. There she worked with several writers including Alex Gray (Ladyhawke) and Pete Hobbs (The Boy Least Likely To). On the back burn of London Chloe is continuing to write songs for a brand new release.


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