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Angus sitting on top of Bon's shoulders wrestling with his guitar is a sight burned into the psyche of music fans. "When I'm on stage, the savage in me is released. It's like going back to a cave man. It takes me six hours to come down after a show."  From their first gig in the early ‘70’s AC/DC’s legend grew.  "We’d play anywhere anytime, and not always to adoring fans," laughs Angus. "But we never stopped playing – mostly in fear of what would happen when we did." 
George Young and Harry Vanda produced some of AC/DC’s most classic albums, the 1974 debut High Voltage and continuing with TNT, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Let There Be Rock, Powerage and If You Want Blood (You Got It). These albums generated many classic accadacca tracks including High Voltage, It’s A Long Way To The Top, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Whole Lotta Rosie, TNT and crowd favourite The Jack.
Throughout the years, AC/DC has managed to create that rarest of bond between their fans. Whether it was the classic Let There Be Rock, the anthem laced Highway To Hell or Who Made Who, they have never given in to the crass commercialism or shameless self-promotion that have scarred other bands’ careers.
The landmark Back In Black album is a bittersweet demarcation line in AC/DC history. The legendary Bon Scott, died tragically before the making of the album. Brian Johnson stepped in with fans embracing the album like no other AC/DC album. The disc cemented the bands reputation as world’s greatest rock band. During 2004 the album was certified at Double Diamond (20,000,000) sales in the USA alone
AC/DC followed Back In Black with For Those About To Rock, the title track becoming the band’s staple show closer featuring very loud cannons. Flick of The Switch followed in 1983 while the band went on to play before a mass audience estimated at around 600,000 at Rock In Rio before the release of Fly On The Wall in 1985 which included Sink The Pink and Shake Your Foundations
Who can forget all those fake Angus' in the video for Who Made Who, the feature song in the soundtrack to Maximum Overdrive. The production team of Harry Vanda and George Young worked on the new material plus the instrumental tracks DT and Chase The Ace also remixing Shake Your Foundations for the album. 
The band chose Australia to start the Blow Up Your Video album world tour and did it in riotous fashion. The 1988 album was again produced by Harry & George and featured the hit track Heatseeker. 
1990's Razor's Edge album saw the band headline Castle Donington in the UK for a historic third time. The event was filmed for the Live at Donington video. The 80,000 crowd who attended Donington was just a warm up compared to the estimated 1.2 million Thunderstruck fans at Tushino airfield on the outskirts of Moscow on 28 September 1991. It was during the Razor’s Edge World Tour that Live was recorded and is the first official live album to feature Brian.
1995 saw the band recording the Ballbreaker album with producer Rick Rubin. Angus had no idea that he would be doing things as hair raising as riding a huge wrecking ball for the video of Hard As A Rock.  "I was a little bit green that day" he laughed. "Especially when you're hanging forty feet in the air. I was lucky, I only had to get up I think 4 times. 
Bonfire was released in 1997 as a tribute to Bon. "That project wasn’t ever about nostalgia," says Angus. "It was about his spirit. We even called on fans to help us track things down." The set featured a remastered version of Back In Black, the legendary Atlantic Studio radio broadcast and the soundtrack to the movie Let There Be Rock. There was a CD of rarities and live tracks called Volts featuring five previously unreleased versions of classic AC/DC tracks. 
The band returned to the stage with the release of Stiff Upper Lip (2000) where they were as vibrant and vital as ever. The tour was a huge success with the last seven gigs in Germany alone selling over 500,000 tickets and a single show in Paris drawing an estimated crowd of 100,000.
2008 saw AC/DC continue to dominate charts around the world with the album Black Ice reaching the #1 spot in 29 Countries. With combined sales of Black Ice and catalogue albums AC/DC surpassed The Beatles as the #1 selling catalogue artist in the USA for 2008.  
AC/DC kicked off their mammoth Black Ice World Tour on 28th October 2008 in Wilkes-Barre, USA finishing on 28th June 2010 in Bilboa Spain. The Australian leg of the tour was attended by over 700,000 people. The DVD AC/DC Live at River Plate, filmed in Buenos Aires, captures the excitement of what The Chicago Tribune proclaimed “a celebration of all that is great about rock ‘n’ roll,” calling the band’s music as “Rock 'n' Roll that outlasts time.”


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