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The studios at Alberts provide a state-of-the-art, full-service recording facility boasting a warm and creative environment.

Equipped with the best in vintage and modern recording gear, our studios are home to engineers and assistants who are trained and know how to help artists get the most out of their sessions in a relaxed and productive environment. 
We also have an excellent assortment of studio instruments available – including a Stuart and Sons 2.2m grand piano, Hammond organ, Pearl Reference drum kit and a wide assortment of guitars, basses, amps and speaker cabinets. 

On the ground floor we have three individual studios (1 x Live Room + 2 x Writing Studios). Studio 1 is equipped with a Euphonix CS3000 total recall 72 channel analogue desk, whilst Studios 2 & 3 are built to function around ProTools. There are tie lines between each control room and a common network for sharing sessions between studios, if required. 




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