Marketing & Comms

Within a creative climate that is constantly changing there is also certainty – Alberts. Our company has continued along the path of delivering the best marketing results for our artists since its inception in 1885 by continually integrating new and traditional methods. Alberts has always been more than an administrator / song pitcher, striving to be a music marketing company offering a full suite of services.
Whether you're a performing artist signed to our independent label, or a songwriter signed to our publishing arm, Alberts has the in-house tools and people to generate excitement around new and classic songs through creatively implementing innovative marketing strategies.
Alberts can facilitate:-
  • the distribution and manufacture of CDs and vinyl through our 3rd party distributor and licencee 
  • co-ordination of promotions and releases directly through iTunes and other digital outlets
  • cohesive marketing planning with the licencing team, capitalising on syncs and branding they achieve; in turn building the profile of the song and creator
  • publicity plans for releases and tours through traditional and digital press, the blogging community and social networks  
  • the servicing of songs and clips to radio and TV programmers through our media contacts, building airplay and profile of the song across all media platforms in a strategic and effective manner
  • creative and tailored promotional and advertising campaigns covering all media and retail platforms
  • a dynamic and effective online presence for both artist and song
  • platforms and strategies for the artist to connect with their existing fanbase whilst attracting new fans 
  • the creation of  audio and visual tools for interactive and entertaining marketing content using our in-house studios and skills


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