• 1  /  3 "WHO ARE YOU" The Who (P.Townshend)
  • 2  /  3 "20th CENTURY BOY" T.Rex
  • 3  /  3 "I'M TOO SEXY" Right Said Fred

Spirit Music Group

Spirit music was founded in 1995 by a group of inspirational music industry rebels who wanted to return music publishing to its hard driving, entrepreneurial, service-and-results-oriented roots

Through their founding member Mark Fried, Spirit set out to create a haven for veteran songwriters, buzzing newcomers and other song owners in all genres and from all parts of the world, where mentorship would be encouraged, information shared and careers and catalogs aggressively developed and revitalized
There was a time when music publishers lived for their songwriters, doing everything they could think of to promote their songs and looking under every rock to collect their royalties. But over the last 25 years, Spirit saw that music publishers got bigger and bigger, their catalogs grew to millions of songs and it became virtually impossible for them to proactively track royalties and promote songs and careers – in short, they lost their mojo.
Spirit saw from the start that royalty statements were hieroglyphics so they simplified them; they found that most publishers rarely spoke with their writers so they made sure to share everything they knew and were doing with theirs; they realized that most companies’ overseas offices were invisible satellites, so they built a network of like-minded partners and got them fully vested in their songs and strategies; they saw a huge disconnect between music makers and the film, TV, advertising and new media worlds and built bridges and connected them; they realized that in a rapidly evolving music market, music publishers needed to be more than royalty collectors and song pluggers – so they became complete marketing partners, fully integrated with their writers and their teams promoting their works  and legacies into permanent parts of the pop culture.
With music discovery and distribution evolving rapidly, Spirit’s mission is to re-imagine publishing into the new century, perfecting royalty tracking with the tools of the digital age and collaborating with a broad international network of creative partners in recorded music, film, television, advertising and the newest media to lead our songs and songwriters to new generations of fans.

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Represented in this catalogue

  • Pete Townshend Contributing Artist:
    Pete Townshend
  • Alan & Marilyn Bergman Contributing Artist:
    Alan & Marilyn Bergman

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