ORiGiN Music Publishing

ORiGiN Music Publishing was established in 1994 to sign and develop a diverse roster of original Australian writers and artists.

The company has signed and developed a wealth of creative talent including Diana Anaid, Lazaros Dog, Peter Dasent, Mark Duffy, Eric McCusker, Tom Ferris, Garry Frost, Graeham Goble, Elizabeth Henshaw, Sarah McGregor, Eva Trout, Joe Chindamo, Jake Mason, James Morrison, Fishing With Henry, Lucinda Peters, Jim Reece, Don Miller Robinson, Mary Schneider, George TELEK, Scott Tinkler, Adrian Van de Velde and Wally de Backer & Kris Schroeder (The Basics).

The rich diversity and creativity of the ORiGiN Music writers and composers has proven to be  advantageous particularly in the realm of sync licensing with many compositions being licensed into film and TV productions including Sex In The City, Malcolm In The Middle, In The Cut, Lantana, Risk, Erskineville Kings, Big Brother, Last Man Standing and Dawson’s Creek. In advertising we have seen ORiGiN works used in commercials for NISSAN, JVC, McDonalds, Freestyle, Just Jeans, and Fox Sports.

ORiGiN Music Publishing and its range of amazing talent is now exclusively with Alberts for the world as we know it.

Represented in this catalogue

  • The Basics Contributing Artist:
    The Basics
  • Jake Mason Contributing Artist:
    Jake Mason
  • Scott Spark Contributing Artist:
    Scott Spark

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